How to Wear Juicy Couture Track Suits in 2018

How to Wear Juicy Couture Track Suits in 2018
It’s been 17 years since the Juicy Couture velour tracksuits hit the scene. That’s almost 20 years! The height of the velour tracksuits worn by Paris Hilton and Britney Spears were the “Beverly Hills uniform”, and the fashion staple for all women and girls of the Noughties (2000-2009). But the beloved track suits made their first big debut in 2001 when Madonna wore a custom-designed set.
Paris Hilton took them to a whole other level…in every color of the rainbow. And the rest was juicy history. Now, 17 years later, Juicy is among several brands from the 90s and 2000’s we thought were dead and buried. But the question many ladies are asking is, How do we wear them now?
“We are a lifestyle brand and we have a weirdly large demographic, from kids to 65-year-olds,” says Gela Taylor in a 2003 interview with the NY Times
I recently purchased a black label Juicy hoodie and unbeknownst to me, the back was heavily encrusted with the signature ‘JC’ letters and gold and silver “bling”.
Dear god. I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Return it? Rock it? Wear in only when I’m at home?? I don’t know if I can even wear it out in public in an ironical way. I think I’d just end up looking like a Real Housewives or a Jersey Shore gal. Not my look.

How to Wear a Juicy Tracksuit Now

So I thought, how can I turn he tried and true comfy velour tracksuit into a fresh, updated look for 2018? Easy. Mix it up with now styles, cute baby tees, edgy, unexpected pieces or a vintage band tee. I mean, after all, Juicy is now considered “vintage”.How to Wear Juicy Velour Tracksuits in 2018


How to Wear Juicy Velour Tracksuits in 2018.

Styles Featured: 

Moschino My Little Pony pink top / MadeWorn cotton Ramones band t shirt / The Style Club Girl Power mustard yellow, rose t-shirt / Leather gold foil stars moto jacket / furry pink jacket, $83 / Petite Lisa Edge To Edge Mongolian Faux Fur Coat
, $195 / Juicy Couture pink track pants, $165 / Juicy Couture velour hoodie clothing, $185 / Alexander McQueen black sneakers / Aquazzura white leather shoes, $700 / Alexander Wang satchel handbag, $2,095 Crossbody / white gold star rhinestone earrings / Diane Kordas rose gold jewelry, $4,170 / Adidas yellow baseball cap hat / Oliver peoples pink lens sunglasses / Cotton merigold scarf / Gucci round sunglasses / Gucci silk scarf, $430


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