Where to Buy the Best Cheap Gifts for Teens & Tweens

Where to Buy the Best Cheap Gifts for Teens & Tweens


In case you missed my last post with my video of the Five Below adventure, I took a quick shopping trip to Five Below to create a fun grab bag of Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers for my nieces. I truly wanted to get them the most wanted items from the Hot Toys List but I thought, “kids love to unwrap presents”. So the more little things I can give them may make Christmas morning last a little bit longer. So with that strategy in mind, I headed to Five Below…where everything is $5 or less. And fun. Oh, and seriously addictive!!

Shopping at Five Below
My shopping adventure at Five Below

I have always loved Five Below and it really brings out the excited, curious kid in me.  So not only was this shopping trip a haul for them, it was super fun for me, too. It got me thinking, there are a lot of great places for kids and teens to go where their allowance money and hard earned paycheck can go far. So I decided to do a little deeper research to bring you:

The best stores for Tweens and Teens on a budget

  1. Amazon is a great option! First of all, I love going into the stores and shopping. Online shopping is so convenient, but you don’t get to touch, see, hear or smell the products up close. You have to rely on photos and mostly reviews. And while Amazon has a ton of options and great deals, you lose the sense of adventure when shopping online. Still, I will add this one to the list simply because there is just SO MUCH TEEN STUFF on Amazon and if you have Prime, shipping is free and pretty fast. Certainly a great option during the holidays since the stores can be madness at times! You’ll be able to find whatever you want: from makeup to fun enamel pins, hair accessories, cute erasers and even slime! The sky is the limit with Amazon.
  2. Target – This goes without saying. A lot of Target stores have The Dollar Spot section with fun little gifts, makeup and trinkets. It changes seasonally, so check back often.
    Cute Cheap gifts for Girls and Teens
  3. Ocean State Job Lots or Big Lots – Another favorite store to get lost in for a bit is Ocean State or Big Lots. They are overstock stores that offer a random assortment of whatever happens to be leftover merchandise from manufacturers or dept. stores. Since the items always change, you never know what you’re gonna find -and the prices are pretty cheap. I have found high end makeup, skincare and OPI nail polishes at Ocean State for $2. Big Lots is a bigger chain and nationwide, whereas Ocean State is on the east coast region.
  4. Primark – Another #1 store for me. For teens on a budget, there is no place like this (well, except for Forever21, which kind of goes without saying Especially their under $5 sales.
    Fun gifts for Tweens and Teens
    Bacon Christmas ornament at Five Below


  5. Wal-Mart –  I recently went into a Wal-Mart (Full disclosure, I just don’t shop here regularly) and I was wowed at the selection of items I found. I spotted a sequined blanket with that cool, reversed sequin trick and it took everything in me not to snatch it up. I still may, yet. 🙂
  6. Five Below – Ok, by far one of my favorite stores ever. I can’t even believe I’m saying this. Honestly, though, it puts Spencer’s (remember that store?) and Hot Topic to shame with it’s fun, funky selection and PRICES. The only thing I’d love to see more of is Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon products. I did find a few Bob’s Burgers items but there’s just not enough (for me). You hearing me buyers at Five Below? 😀
  7. Dollar Tree –  I have found this dollar store to be the best as far as product selection is concerned. There are a ton of fun gadgets, makeup, movies, snacks and candy, decor items and more that make good stocking stuffers, gifts or create a grab bag of goodies.
  8. Party City – this store isn’t just for costumes. What a fun place to spend a few bucks! Their inventory changes with the seasons, but you can be sure there is always something fun to be found there. The prices are pretty great also. Certainly not the same pricing as Dollar stores or Five Below, but you won’t be disappointed with the party supplies.
  9. Oriental Trading – this is a great go-to shop online for cheap party supplies, gifts and whatnot. It’s a lot like Party City, but you can buy in bulk and save even more. Like Five Below, if you are doing a fund raiser or an event and need a lot of stuff cheap, it’s a great resource.
  10. Claire’s was packed to the walls with people yesterday, otherwise, I would have taken a deeper look at the merchandise. But if you look at their selection online you’ll see they still have the cutest accessories for tweens and teens. Check Out New Styles @ claires.com


Where is your favorite place to shop? Leave your comments in the section below!

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