10 Fun DIY Projects & Crazy Cool Activities for Teens

10 Fun DIY Projects & Crazy Cool Activities for Teens
Are you looking for fun crafts, DIY projects, party ideas or fun activities for Tweens and Teens?
These ideas are the perfect solution for the summer activities or parties for teens and tweens. From simple DIY projects to elaborate backyard parties, there is at least one you will want to try!
A little bit of glitter, balloons and spray glue make this activity a hit for any party!

2. Colorful Tie Dye Socks!
Easy Tie Dye kits make this activity for teens a snap! Take white socks and follow instructions on tie dye kits for a fun activity that will keep your kids busy for an afternoon. Kids will love creating and wearing their own colorful socks.

3. Chic Sleeping Eye Masks Cute sleeping masks are becoming a lot more popular among teens and girls. Find blank satin eye masks and use fabric markers to create unique designs. Finish with rhinestones or sequin embellishments. You will need: Fabric markers or fabric paints, hot glue gun or a BeJeweler Pro Hot Fix Rhinestone Setter


4. The No-Sew T-shirt Bag Tutorial  Easily turn an old used t-shirt into an eco friendly cute shopping tote!  Cut out the neck, sleeves and cut fringe strips across the bottom. Tie off each fringe strip to finish!  Use a tie dye kit, fabric paints or markers to customize!

How to turn A T-Shirt Into A Tote Bag || Great Teen craft idea!:

5. Make a Rainbow Fan!  Take an old fan and jazz it up!
Turn the fan off (Unplug it for safety!) and paint the blades with permanent markers. Go with rainbow primary colors or pastel rainbow!

DIY Rainbow Fan:

Paint the blades and insta-rainbow!!  🙂

Or go Pastel:
Rainbow Fan

6. Blacklight Party!  Get a black light bulb and provide plenty of glow in the dark goodies!  Hint: Highlighter markers can be super fun!


7. Make Friendship Bracelets  and exchange them with your friends


8. Paint Slip-N-Slide
Get a Slip N Slide or painters tarp and cover with water and paints. Make sure to use washable/non-toxic paint so that you don’t kill your grass or stain anything! 
9. Make a water balloons slip and slide!  Buy water balloons in bulk, fill a slip n slide with the water balloons.


Pro Tip: Use the Zuru Bunch O Balloons quick fill water balloons kit and get the job done in seconds!

10. Outdoor Movie Night

Grab a group of friends, a few blankets, a TV projector and bring the movie party outdoors!
Load up on some snacks, popcorn and enjoy a movie under the stars!


11. Throw your own Holi Colorfest themed party!  Buy bags of holi color powder and crank up the music and throw a little color into your party!

Ideas for a Holi Color Fest themed party

fun teen activities

Holi Color Fest Powder is safe and non-toxic.  Buy holi powder in bulk here


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