O-P-I Website Lets You Try On Nail Colors, Virtually!

Perhaps it’s old news to everyone else out there, but OPI has this amazing website where you can “try” on a color before you buy!  I used to work with a girl who was absolutely obsessed with nail polish, particularly, OPI nail polish.  She must have had hundreds of different colors and came to work each day with a new nail color.  I love seeing all of the color, but I have to admit I haven’t gotten too interested in nail polish color until just recently.   Check out the new Brazil 2014 line with it’s vibrant YELLOW and the glittering Muppets collection.
My faves are Couture de Minnie and Soft Shades.   What’s your favorite?


OPI nail polish website
OPI Nailpolish website lets you “try” on nail polishes to see what works best!

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