7 Biggest 80s Trends to Wear Right Now!

7 Biggest 80s Trends to Wear Right Now!

Make no mistake, the 80s were rad. Fashion was a crazy place. We had a lot to choose from. From preppy, punk and quirky indie style, to hair bands and British pop stars wearing fierce makeup. For those who were fortunate enough to grow up back then saw The Goonies, the space shuttle explosion happen on live tv, Ronald Reagan (the actor) as the President and Michael Jackson’s Thriller (which gave everyone nightmares). Madonna shocked us every chance she got and Cyndi Lauper was so unusual and we loved her for it. We wore lace gloves, parachute pants and penny loafers (not all at once); we wore polo shirts with popped collars and sweaters tied around our shoulders Muffy and Biff style. Oh, and we loved our pastel colors.

We were the latch key kids, the Hamburger Helper generation (yuck), and junk foodies. We lived through the first round of the Russian-American peeing contests, and we are seeing what feels like a total rerun now. Some of it we can do without but some of it, namely the fashion, we feel very nostalgic about. True, there are some styles the 80s can keep (Jams and Hammer Pants). But there are a few I still love, and lucky for us, they’ve made a comeback!

The trick to wearing the 80s trends is to not make it look like a kitschy costume. A few elements here and there will do the trick. Don’t overdo it like this:


When it comes to 80s trends, less is more. Unless we’re talking about a denim jacket with your favorite flair (i.e. enamel pins, patches and buttons)

Here’s everything you need to know about the 80s trends happening now:

1. Jelly Glow Bracelets

Yesss!!!  These were awesome back then, and they are even awesomer now! I can’t wait to wear these on July 4th. If you are a teen (or tween) you will most likely be sporting these this summer. Caution: Your mom will probably try to steal them from you.

Jelly Glow Bracelets, F21 $5.90 multi-pack

2. Scrunchies!

The hair scrunchie is officially here. After seeing these in Anthropologie and Forever21, I know it’s official. We’ve arrived. Holographic scrunchies, F21  There are a lot of ways to wear these, from top knot hair styles to, side ponies or a hi-top ponytail. There are no rules. It’s a scrunchie, after all.

Read: Ways to wear a scrunchie

3. I want my MTV

From vintage MTV tees on Etsy to Marc Jacobs’ recent runway looks, we can’t get enough of the colorful Mtv logo tops

4. Mom Jeans

Beverly Hills 90210 was a famous mom-jean wearing cast – and the dudes of the cast were not exempt.

Urban Outfitters Mom Jeans

5. Keds shoes

When I was a kid there was nothing I wanted more than a pair of KEDS. Nothing. Oh, well except for Guess jeans. Keds and Guess jeans, that was all. Make no mistake, the original Champion Keds sneaks will be back. They are the perfect feminine touch with dresses. I love the classic white but the red color looks pretty great just about anything.

Classic Original Champion Keds, $39

6. Pins, Pins and more Pins

If you don’t already have a collection of enamel pins going, you’ve already missed the boat. The novelty pin game is fierce this season and there are more coming out than I can keep up with (or afford). I am seriously in love with about 80% of the ones I find online. Pin them to your jacket or a purse and you’re golden like a chicken nugget.

There are a lot of makers out there for enamel pins. Make sure you go with a supplier who has quality products. My personal faves are Pinsanity and Compoco Pop or anything by Pinmart or Forge.

7. 80’s style, Hi-Cut Leg Swimsuits

I am not on board with this style as much as the others but it’s building momentum fast. All I see when I look at these swimsuits is Miami Beach Spring Break, 1986. (No, I wasn’t there.) The styles range from high cut bikinis to one-piece swimsuits with one shoulder cuts and monokini cut outs. If you’re a teen, you’re probably loving it!

Pictured: Asos 2 Pc. Swimsuit, vintage photo cir. 1986, Vix striped 1 pc swimsuit, yellow Mara Hoffman cutout monokini, Asos pink cross back high leg swimsuit

8. On my Trend Forecasting Radar: SCRUNCH or Slouch SOCKS.

Also known as scrunchie socks, or slouch socks, these were the everything of socks for a time and no girl or cheerleader was without her scrunched socks and hi tops (or Keds). She wore them in all colors and sometimes two at a time. Not real easy to find, but I found a 3 pack here on Amazon

How to wear slouch socks:

3 thoughts on “7 Biggest 80s Trends to Wear Right Now!”

  • Loved your post. 80s trends are loved and hated in equal measure! Probably due to the diversity of styles. Champion Keds sneaks with dresses are rad. Pastel shades are big this season.

    • Thank you, Jennifer! I’m so glad to see someone else loves Keds sneaks as much as I do! 🙂

  • I’m not a tween or teen. I’m 22. I’d have to say it’s weird mom jeans are in style. As a teen, I’d wear them because I didn’t have money to always wear the latest style of jeans. It was so uncool to wear anything that wasn’t skinny or low waist but I wore what I had. Personally, I’m so glad they’re in style now.

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