A Luxury French-Milled Soap We Can Get in US?? Yes, Please.

A Luxury French-Milled Soap We Can Get in US??  Yes, Please.

I’m a huge fan of natural soaps.  I just CAN’T put chemicals on my skin knowing they’re being absorbed into my body.  So, it always pleases me to discover natural soaps such as the amazing, beautiful French milled soaps by Australian Natural Soap. They have been producing luxurious soaps for 20 years in Australia using the same specialized equipment and premium natural ingredients used by makers of fine French soaps.  Lucky for us US-based gals, we can order these luxury soaps online and get em here!  😉

What I love about their product line is the variety of beautiful, organic scents (I can’t wait to smell the Jasmine and the Honey Shea Butter soap!) and the 100% plant oils that are used for their soap base ingredients, such as sustainable palm oil, palm kernel oil, organic Shea butter and vegetable glycerin. Best of all, the prices ROCK and they have no tallow (animal fats) or detergents in any of their soaps.  So many soaps on the market contain all kinds of yucky ingredients, but Australian Soaps contain no harsh chemicals.  And, they have this awesome Soap Points REWARDS program available when you buy soap from their website.  Go check it out!    http://www.australiansoap.com

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