Brand of the Week: Mischka Aoki #MischkaAoki

Brand of the Week: Mischka Aoki   #MischkaAoki

This week’s (magical) brand is Mischka Aoki.  The Australian-based ultra-luxury brand for girls and tweens is nothing short of a masterpiece.  Mischka Aoki is known as the HAUTE COUTURE label for children and is recognized for its exclusivity and exceptional craftsmanship.  The team at Mischka Aoki spend hundreds of hours producing the world’s finest couture dresses for girls, and no detail or level of personal service is spared.

Mischka Aoki

The founder and designer, Winnie, was inspired by her first daughter to create the collection, who the brand was ultimately named after. Her vision, passion and attention to detail are what makes Mischka Aoki such a success.

In a recent interview, Winnie states:

“I think there are many interpretations of the word Haute Couture. To me Haute Couture is high-end fashion that requires more skilful techniq ues and can take hund reds of man-hou rs on one dress alone. This technique is extensively adopted on a wide selection of styles on every collection. Creating these dresses requires an artistic eye for fine detailing as quite often no patterns/markings are used at all in the process. Every dress is unique. A Mischka Aoki dress can take 300 hours to produce with at least 8 people working on one”.

Her current collection is exquisite, with details reminiscent of Swan Lake Ballet meets Marie Antoinette.

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