The Best Gifts for Teen Girls under $12

The Best Gifts for Teen Girls under $12

Need some small, budget-friendly gift ideas or stocking stuffers? We’re counting down the days! We know the holidays can get pretty expensive with all of the gift-giving going on. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on everyone to make it special. Sometimes the small gifts are the best ones. They let people know you are thinking about them. Here I have tracked down some of my personal favorites for teen girls that won’t break the bank.

12 Days of Christmas, 12 cool gifts under $12 bucks! Let’s go!

  1. Days of the Week Scrunchies Set! 5 scrunchies = multiple ways to wear your pony or bun.
    Urban Outfitters, $12
  2.  A Classic Paisley Bandana. Because a girl can never have too many accessories, right? Forever21, .99 cents!
    forever21 classic bandana
  3. Tony Moly ‘I’m Real’ Face Masks, Ulta, $2.81/ea.
  4. Emoji Nail polish in your choice of Unicorn, Hearts or Poop! Urban Outfitters, $6/ea.
  5. Turn your lips into a full-blown light show with these scene-stealing glittery lip toppers from Lime Crime, made in a mini size! Lit, Urban Outfitters, $8
  6. Hair Glitter Stick by Free People, $8/ea.
  7. Uh oh..they have arrived. Scrunchie Socks!! Free People, $10/ea.
  8. Anthropologie Tidy Mouse Gold Ring Holder (so cute!), Anthropologie, $10
  9. Unicorn Makeup Set! Forever21, $10
  10. Monogram Gold Tone Charm, Anthropologie, $12
  11. Over the Knee cozy socks or boot socks from American Eagle, $5/ea.
  12. Show some love for the most important meal of the day! Fruitloops cereal pin, Alternative $12 

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