The Best Period Kits for Tweens

The Best Period Kits for Tweens

A girl’s first period can be a mysterious and scary thing. Although a totally natural part of life, it’s not always easy to deal with or discuss with your daughter, nor does it ever get much easier when you get older. Especially those who have complications with Aunt Flo every month. For some girls and women, it can be very debilitating.  Almost every woman has her story – ranging  from  the  funny  to  inconvenient to mildly  embarrassing –  which  revolves  around  period mishaps, school, events and vacations. These problems can be more amplified when teen and tween girls face it at a tender  age. But periods shouldn’t be seen as “troublesome”, especially if girls are informed and prepared. It’s really all about the way you look at it, too.

I’m not going say I feel blessed by every cramp, but really, there is nothing more womanly than our monthly cycles. And there is nothing more beautiful than being a woman. – Helen Walsh, Creator LoveJane

Talking about the monthly cycle isn’t always easy, so a few genius women out there decided to step up to the plate and create period kits for girls, tweens and teens.


LoveJane First Period Kit


I’ve gotta be honest, the first time I heard about these period kits, I was baffled. My mother and I always had quite an open discussion about most things and there wasn’t many subjects she would tiptoe around! Anything I didn’t learn from her was quickly learned from my older sister (which wasn’t always accurate).

Many of the period kit brands have designed their products to fit girls’ style as well as lifestyle. Most have fun and bright packaging  that  appeals  to  the  tweens and teens. The products also suit their  needs for school gym bags or purses. Most importantly, most brands I have researched also make sure to source products that are either organic or from ethical and safe producers, which is very important.

Pictured: My First Period Sampler Kit by UrLife,

Looking at these period kits now, it makes a lot more sense to me. I can remember being 10 and 11 and a little unsure. I read the tweenage coming of age book, Are you there God, it’s me Margaret”  when I was in the 4th grade, and that helped a great deal. In early middle school, I remember the teachers telling us at the beginning of the school year that the secret password if we were needing a pad or having period issues was: “I need a Girl Scout cookie”. 🙂  Any time the boys heard this, they were totally perplexed. But it was our little code word, and it was pretty cool. Hall pass granted without the embarrassment. We didn’t really have “period kits” back then. I think our moms just expected us to rough it or figure it out. Thank god times have changed, I guess.

Girls first period info, the period book, tweens
The Period Book: Everything you don’t want to ask (But need to know)

With summer quickly approaching and the inevitable Back to School (sorry, I said it!) I felt like I needed to shed some much needed light on these handy little lifesavers. Girls will be thinking about how and what to pack for Aunt Flo’s monthly visits (aka her period), and I think it’s important to discuss what’s important to bring to school or on vacay or whatever event you have planned. I have discovered what I think are the standout brands, specially designed  for tween girls. They prepare girls and tweens to  get  through this sensitive time by relieving the stress and answering the questions of ‘What can I expect with my first period?’ to ‘What should I take in my period kit’ or ‘What IS a period kit’? 

Pro Tip: I have an app downloaded on my phone that is easy to use and super helpful in knowing when your period is due. This way you can follow what’s going on with your bod and plan accordingly if you’re going somewhere and think you might get your period while you’re there. The beloved app is called: P TrackerIt’s available for Android or Apple phones

These handy, discreet and delightful ‘period kits’ are created to make girls more prepared and comfortable  even  during  the  toughest  days of  the  month:

  • Love Jane Be ready for your first period with all the supplies you need, a little guidance and a whole lot of love—all neatly tucked into a gorgeous little bag. Lovejane sources all of their products only from top-notch manufacturers who abide by their “Beauty is more than Skin Deep” philosophy. All LoveJane factories are vetted and inspected by Bureau Veritas, a global leader in safety and social responsibility. $30
  • DotGirl First period kit  The Dot Girl First Period Kit offers everything a girl needs for her first period, including The Dot Girl Period Answer Book that is packed with 20 frequently asked questions and answers about menstruation, My Period Diary to track periods over the first year, five feminine pads, five disposal bags, one reusable heating pad, and two hand wipes. Everything comes fashionably packaged in a cute, discreet carrying case that can easily fit in a purse or backpack.
  • Lola First Period Kit  Cute box and canvas pouch, plus instructional booklet, assorted pads and tampons as well as a zipper pouch and keepsake box. Lola’s feminine products are made with 100% organic cotton. That means no toxins, dyes, or synthetic additives. $34
  • Hello Flo has a variety of fun period kits for your lady bits. Founded by female powerhouse, Naama Bloom. Naama Bloom is SVP of Integrated Marketing at SheKnows Media, which she joined as part of the acquisition of HelloFlo. HelloFlo continues as a stand-alone brand and the health platform of SheKnows.Naama is a frequent speaker and commentator on issues from digital marketing to being a woman in business to how to have “the talk” with your 10 year old daughter. $29.95
  • Panty Prop Panty Prop is best known for its leak proof undies, but they also have a pretty fabulous period kit, too! Complete with all sorts of goodies! The “JUST IN CASE PERIOD KIT” Gift Pack $29.99 @
Panty Prop Period Kit

If you aren’t keen on a monthly subscription or buying a kit, there are tons of DIY period kit ideas swirling around on Pinterest that are absolutely adorable and allow every girl and mom to customize one based on her own personality. I personally would love to make my own with cute accessories!


Pictured: Bambi LeSportsac Beauty Pouch, Zappos

What’s in the Period Kits:

Most period kits consists of: Pads, tampons (which  you  can  use  according  to  your preference or need) hand wipes, an informative booklet, zipper pouch and an extra pair of undies (just in case). Many of the pads and tampons in the period kits are designed  especially for tweens and teens and may be shorter and/or narrower than other regular products for women. When creating their own period kits or “Survival Kits”, some girls add their own personal items such as perfume, EOS lipbalm, hair ties, acne gel, feminine wipes, and Midol or Tylenol to remedy headaches or cramps.

Here’s a little DIY Period Kit Inspo:


Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 1.33.25 PM

Born to Glow, Unicorn hair brush, rainbow shimmer highlighterSummers Eve Fresh Wipes, Lorac blush, EOS lip balm, Clear Start Acne Wash, U by Kotex tampons, U by Kotex pads, Dove deodorant, Rock Your Hair Spray, Rainbow zipper pouch

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