The “Period Kit” Are you kidding me?

The “Period Kit” Are you kidding me?

What do you carry in your period-first-aid-kit?

I have seen a lot of these questions and posts from girls and tweens. Many of them are a bit confused on what to carry with them, or even how to carry a few necessary items for their period.

I ran across a new product on the market called The Period Kit by Tween Care and I’m a little surprised. Not exactly in a good way.

The Basic First Period Kit includes:

  • New Multi Color Cosmetic Bag
  • My First Period Guide
  • 2oz Limonade Body Spray (Limonade? What is that?)
  • Disposable Panties
  • 3 Winged Pads
  • 3 Regular Pads
  • 4 Panty Liners
  • 4 Hand Wipes
  • *Bonus* Diary Purse with Ribbon

First of all, this is a lot of stuff to carry around with you.

Question: Does a first period kit make a girl feel more anxiety about the unexpected? Does a 9-12 year old girl feel comfortable carrying around a zippered case filled with pads and period paraphernalia?? I’m not sure if this is something a mom gives her daughter; Could it be better for a single dad to offer his girl when he is too afraid to discuss these delicate (embarrassing) subjects?

To help her ease into the changes and make sure she is prepared, do a mock run-through with her one day. Ask her to put on a pad the way you show her how to do it, and wear it for a few hours so she knows what to expect.  Let her know it won’t be like Old Faithful and explain that during her period she may need to wash more than usual. I like the concept of the period kits, but I’m not sure it’s THAT HARD to speak honestly and openly about this very natural occurrence. Look girls, if you are reading this, I want you to know: Starting your period is the first big step into womanhood. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood–rejoice and throw a party!

Moms: if you want to save her some anxiety or the potential embarrassment of carrying a big kit around, just talk to your girls; tell her to start carrying a pad with her in a concealed zippered pouch (there are some really cute zippered pouches in the perfect size!)

There are also a lot of cool Period Kits out there, such as the ones by HelloFlo

Also, if she’s really into reading, try the book “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret  By Judy Blume, orThe Period Book: Everything You Don’t Want to Ask (But Need to Know)”  if you feel as though you need back-up. That’s all I needed when I was a kid.  If my mom had given me some kind of “period first aid kit”, complete with every device I could imagine (odor spray included!) I would have been totally freaked out!  Most girls who have started their period mentor the younger girls and I think that’s pretty fantastic.

What you’ll want to have in your period kit are: Small travel size package of wet wipes, an extra pair of undies, a tampon or two, a pad and panty liner – all neatly tucked away in a small zipper pouch.  If you want, add a midol or advil if you have cramps.

So, what do you think about Period Kits? 

3 thoughts on “The “Period Kit” Are you kidding me?”

  • I agree, moms should definitely talk to their daughters. I happen to like the kit from a pediatrician called My first period Kit & Dvd. I used it with my rapidly maturing 10-1/2 year old. Moms watch the dvd with their daughters and talk about it. It has good info, all the right details and is definitely done in a non-scary way. the site is if anyone wants to know.

  • Ohk im 13 year old girll (obviouslyyy) ive had my period since i was 12 i never told my mom but she eventually found out i was acting crabby i guess blah! I went out to aeropostale and bought a cute little bag and luvvdd it! And but a normal pad a overnight pad a pantilyner and 2 junior tampex compax pearls they r awesome! 4 advils and 2 mini chocolates i need it lol.. My mom wuldnt embaris my like u guys do to ur kids!! I wuld crawl into a ball and cry if my mom did this to me im not very open like that just give your daughter sum money or bring her to a store and let her get a mini bag makeup bag wutevrr and let her pik out these items 😉 and wen i get home i usually break out the heating pad lol and take a hot bath those things are magic! Hope i helped luv ya all.

    • Cynthia, I know this comment was made YEARS ago, but still THANK YOU! So relevant 7 years later. <3

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