These Twin Sisters are already Entrepreneurs at age 13

These Twin Sisters are already Entrepreneurs at age 13

Meet Piper and Summer: 13 year old twin sisters, creative entrepreneurs, and Australia’s youngest Kickstarter campaign launchers. These two extraordinarily talented and resourceful Tweens have created 2WENTY2WO Sydney and taken on the big world of entrepreneurship.  Since it’s inception, the girls have been involved in every aspect of their product and company (with the help of mum and dad, of course!) from concept, to logo and branding, design, samples and now marketing.

“We have saved our pocket money over the past twelve months and put it into making samples, registering a website name and applying for a trademark” says Summer.


Piper created the logo using Adobe Illustrator and Summer learned editing software to edit their video for their Kickstarter campaign. Together they designed the bracelets for their brand, 2WENTY2WO Sydney.  

“We came up with the name 2WENTY2WO as this is our birthdate. Piper designed the logo and thought it would be cool to replace the letter T with the number 2. She also worked out that when you put two numeral 2s facing each other, it forms a love heart. We think of it as a symbol for our close bond as twins”.

The silicon bracelet collection offers a colorful assortment so you can mix and match bracelets with clasps.


The girls have gone as far as they can with their own funds and resources, so they have chosen to launch their product on Kickstarter in order to go into production. Check out their project, share it, show your support and let’s help bring their idea to life!


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