Top 10 Most Popular Tween & Teen Clothing Brands of 2014/15

Top 10 Most Popular Tween & Teen Clothing Brands of 2014/15

Compiled based on stats by Piper Jaffray semi-annual report, “Teen Spending” Spring 2014 

The Top 10 Most Popular Brands for Tween & Junior Clothing

#1. Forever21
#2. American Eagle
#3. Lululemon
#4. Nike
#5. Urban Outfitters
#6. PacSun
#7. Victoria’s Secret PINK
#8. H&M
#9. Hollister
#10. J. Crew

On the Radar:
Hot Topic
Top Shop

On the Decline:
Abercrombie and Fitch
Justice For Girls
Old Navy


UPDATE: The 23 BEST Stores for Fashionable Teens (2017)

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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Popular Tween & Teen Clothing Brands of 2014/15”

  • I think justice is a cute store and has adorable clothes. The only thing that is wrong is the prices! So please put justice on the top 5 best stores!!!!!

  • Hi Emily! Thank you for the suggestion. I took a look at Justice and they’ve really stepped up their game! The facts and figures stated above in this post are based on polls, trends and market research. However, all of that aside, I do feel like Justice is a great brand option for Girls and Tweens! 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Regarding tweens in middle school- The first time I walked into Justice I walked back out.. that was a year or two ago. Everything was tacky and covered in sequins. I recently went back after my daughter wanted to go and they really revamped their entire line, employee told me after so many parent complaints they changed everything. The fit is great for girls that arent tall enough for Junior or womens clothes but too big or old for kids clothes. We went in every store in the mall and this is now our go to store for clothes.

    We went to a couple stores in the top 10 list and saw nothing either appropriate for school or anything my kid even liked. Lost Forever 21 last year and don’t have 4 others on the list either.

  • Hi Stacey! Thanks for the comment and feedback! Yes, Justice certainly has improved over the years! 🙂
    This list was not compiled by me, it was compiled by a national survey in retail, which covers buying trends and the companies with the most sales –certainly not a reflection of companies or brands with the ‘best’ clothing for Tweens. Generally, the “Best Tween and Girls brands Lists” is compiled by me and our readers votes. We do this every year. The 2015 Best of Tween Brands should be due out around December or January ’16.

    Which four that you mentioned should be recommend as best tween stores?

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