TREND: Scrunchies are Back – and They're as Fierce as RuPaul

TREND: Scrunchies are Back – and They're as Fierce as RuPaul

The 90’s are alive in hairstyle and hair accessory trends. And the Scrunchie has risen from the dead.

scrunchies-are-backThe scrunchie emerged sometime around 1988 and made it’s way into every girls’ home by 1993. Sometimes multiplying by the dozens. So much so, that we had to have entire baskets dedicated to our scrunchie collection. Sometime around 2001, the scrunchie disappeared without a trace. Although it was spotted from time to time on a few Gen X-ers (they were just so darn easy and practical)

Topanga’s 1993 style pictured here could easily be RIGHT NOW.

Now that this little piece of nostalgia is staring us in the face, How do we wear the scrunchie this time around? The answer is simple: Basically the same way we always did. With top knots, buns and ponytails with the added 80’s side ponies and half up-dos. Don’t cry, this is a good thing. Embrace it.

Here’s a little scrunchie inspo for the non-believers:

Major fashion labels and retailers like Marc Jacobs, Nordstrom, TopShop, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and Forever21 are rolling out new scrunchies this year and in 2017 in fresh, trendy prints and fabrics. My personal favorites are the velvet scrunchies and silk scrunchies.

American Apparel -$6

TopShop ($8/ea.

SET of 7 Large Velvet Hair Scrunchies ($9.99 Amazon)

Silk Scrunchies by L.Ericson ($24


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