Where to buy a prom dress?

Where to buy a prom dress?

With so many retail stores closing these days, the big question this season is: Where can I buy a prom dress?? David’s Bridal is one source, but if there isn’t one in your area or city, you might be out of luck for trying one on. That leaves us with the little independently owned mall stores with walls and racks full of cheap dresses and some big box retailers like Macy’s, which is closing a lot of it’s stores. You may get lucky with a TJ Maxx in your area, which has a lot of previous season styles at a bargain. If you don’t have many options for finding a prom dress in your city, you can do what many girls are doing these days: shopping online.

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Pictured:  A-Line High Neck Lace Prom Dress with beading, $109 Amazon.com

If you are willing to brave not trying it on first to get a good bargain, there are a lot of online stores where you can find your dream prom dress, starting with Amazon Fashion. If you buy it fast enough, you’ll have time to return or exchange if you need a different size. Keep in mind, a lot of sellers on Amazon these days are international, so if it’s coming from overseas, make sure it will arrive in time, or buy from a local US seller.

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Pictured: Two piece crystal halter prom dress with tulle skirt, $159 Amazon.com

PRO TIP: Make sure you take your measurements prior to buying (see ‘How To’ measuring chart below) so you know exactly what size you need. Keep in mind, if you have to tailor your dress to fit, it is always better and easier to tailor it down that trying to squeeze into it. So, if you are in doubt, order a size up! Hemming will most likely be required for longer gowns.

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Pictured: Blush pink satin ball gown prom dress, off-shoulder sleeves, $99 Amazon.com

How to Measure:dress-size-how-to-measure

Many dress manufacturers online will want to make sure you have the proper fit, so they will (should!) have a detailed size chart for you to follow. Please make sure to request if it isn’t posted on their website.

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