80’s Hair is Totally Happening NOW.

80’s Hair is Totally Happening NOW.

I didn’t believe it either. I felt compelled to buy those classic Conair hot rollers last week, and I didn’t know why except that it’s just been a really long time since I used them. Well, turns out, 80’s hairstyles are trending. Big hair, curly hair, side swept hair, short blonde hair. But the good news is, it has taken a more modern, soft approach (a lot less DEP, Final Net and a blowdrying). For tweens, these may not apply, but for teens and women, take note.

I have included photos of hairstyles and celebs from the 80s and celebs happening right now. You’ll see how many of the 80s hair styles could totally be worn today! Everything from Lobs, Swags, 80s Curls and Swobs. The common style technique with the updated looks are this: Texture.

Hairstyles from the 80s that we can wear now

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