These Adorable Staplers Pack a Mad Punch!

These Adorable Staplers Pack a Mad Punch!


I’m a sucker for cool design with functionality -even if it’s an unexpected little element added to an everyday product. How is this for cute product design with major function?
If you’re looking for a solid, dependable stapler, that fits comfortably in your hand, one that doesn’t jam every other staple, staples thick as well as thin stacks of paper and doesn’t require you to use “premium” staples, then look no further than Praxxis Pro staplers.

I’m particularly fond of the seafoam green and this light pink stapler, myself! 🙂

These products are built by a company that is growing its reputation, and stands behind every product it sells. PraxxisPro staplers are built to last with exceptional design and ergonomics. All PraxxisPro staplers are designed in the USA, by a family owned operation out of beautiful Bend, Oregon.

Visit their website at: or buy direct on their Amazon Store!
Happy stapling!!  🙂

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