Choker Necklaces in Chains, Charms and Y’s [TREND ALERT!]

Choker Necklaces in Chains, Charms and Y’s [TREND ALERT!]

The choker necklace trend isn’t going away, it’s just getting a new look this Spring, the chain choker necklace! I presume it will be a pretty hot item thru the summer, too. The latest necklace style features layers, multi-chain lengths, chunky chains, silver or gold chain chokers, Y styles and delicate three-strand chains with tiny charms.

One of the most popular styles this Spring will be the layered choker chain sets and the lariat chain styles. Some of these feature a charm with a dropped chain design.

Two high-polish curb chain chokers pictured below feature a bar and entwined circle cutout pendants, both with a lobster clasp closure. Source: Forever21

chain chocker necklace trends Spring Summer 2018

Many of the choker styles have adjustable sizing, but some many not. How to measure your neck for the proper fitting choker necklace? Use a piece of string to wrap around your neck exactly where you want the choker to sit, and adjust for comfort. You don’t want it too tight! Once you’ve got the string at the right place and fit, mark the string where it meets and use a ruler to measure the string length where you marked. That’s length you will want to order.

Here are a few of my favorite delicate style choker necklaces for Spring/Summer 2018:


I’ve been obsessed with chokers for a few years now and there’s only so many different types you can buy. Lately, my style has had more of a street / industrial vibe and these chokers fit that so perfectly. They’re such a versatile piece and they’re so sleek they make a t-shirt look good.

Statement Chain Choker Necklace Styles

For a more edgier look for night time or going out to a party, the chunkier statement necklaces are a good choice! And there are so many to choose from!

For Girls and Tweens, here are our top Choker style picks:

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