What is a Back to School Necklace?

What is a Back to School Necklace?

Are you feeling the summer days are numbered and the inevitable fall semester or new year is creeping up on you? We’ve all been there, and some of you are still there (Sorry!) The phrase we keep hearing over the net is a back to school necklace. If you are feeling the impending doom of returning back to school then you already have that back to school necklace, which, according to urban dictionaryis another name for a noose! This is due to the utter despair you feel when school starts back up again. Ugh. It’s a relatively weird and slightly morbid way to look at things, dontcha think?

If you are actually looking for a cute necklace to wear for Back to School, might I suggest these new snap jewelry noosa pieces popping up everywhere?

Back to School Necklace

Don’t despair. Getting used to the idea of going back to school can be a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. I was never a huge fan of school when I was a kid, or even a teenager. I found it really hard to concentrate a lot and I couldn’t find the fun in it because for so long I just wasn’t encouraged to be engaged with school. The more engaged you are with your community at school, the more enjoyment and fulfillment you will get out of it. Promise.
After I graduated and looked back at it all, I realized there was a lot of things to look forward to with school, or a new school year.

How to enjoy school (tips to keep you excited about back to school)

  1. Be excited and open to Learning new things
  2. Remember you are one year closer to graduation!
  3. Hanging with your friends or meeting some new faces
  4. Finding a new crush <3
  5. Sports, games, events, dances, committees
  6. Homecoming! Prom???
  7. Running for student council
  8. Drama club, theater, choir
  9. Working on that Full Scholarship!?
  10. Decorating your locker
  11. Shopping for new clothes (ding!ding!ding!)
  12. Cute School Supplies 😉

See, it’s really all in the way you look at everything that matters. And everyone will have different things that make them excited. The key is focus on the great things, and less on the aspects that feel yucky. If you make it into a real drag, it’s going to feel like a real drag. But if you make it into total excitement and fun, that’s what it will be. Attitude is everything for success for back to school.

What do you love about school that you’re looking forward to?

Let’s hear about it in the comments below! 🙂 

2 thoughts on “What is a Back to School Necklace?”

  • You have GOT to be kidding me!! As if our kids don’t face enough challenges as they try to navigate growing up in the world, a NOOSE is a freaking back to school accessory??! I am DISGUSTED!!

    • Hi Laura, I agree it’s a terrible way of looking at things, and an awful expression..its not an accessory, however. Did you read the article?

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