1 Simple Wardrobe Hack To Plan Your Outfit #OOTD

1 Simple Wardrobe Hack To Plan Your Outfit #OOTD

The night before a big day (or any day, for that matter) we are planning out what to wear. Everything seems good to go, until the next morning when you put it on and realize, “Ugh, it doesn’t look that good at all.”  I used to waste hours every week going through several changes of clothing or staring at my closet aimlessly trying to put something together in my head.

I am a visual gal, so I need to see it all laid out.

All of the major stylists and fashion window merchandisers use tools like this, and now it’s available to us!  😀

It’s called Tomorrow’s Outfit, and it’s totally A-M-A-ZING! Check it:

Tomorrow’s Outfit is a one-of-a-kind expandable outfit “merchandising” planner tool that helps you put together your entire outfit with accessories.  Your clothing is secured to the hanging planner with fashion clips, and its unique design allows for simple adjustments, so it always matches your height. Not only is it incredible for you and I, but it’s great for e-commerce retailers, boutique owners, mobile vendors and fashion bloggers!!! 

Check out Tomorrow’s Outfit on Kickstarter  NOW and reserve yours today!  




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