Best Clothing Stores for Cheap and Cute Tween Clothing

Best Clothing Stores for Cheap and Cute Tween Clothing

Are you the parent of a teen (or tween) or on a tight budget? If you don’t want to sacrifice style, look no further! We have compiled the best places to find super cute, trendy clothes for tweens, teens and pre-teens that won’t break the bank!

  1. Plato’s Closet – Plato’s Closet is the best place locally to buy and sell your gently used clothing for teens. Plato’s closet offers teens the chance to trade in their old clothes for something newer or fresh.
  2. ASOS is becoming one of my favorite TopShop alternatives! And have you seen the ASOS Marketplace yet??
  3. Forever21 – Hands down, F21 is the best place to shop for the latest trends and cheap clothes. Forever21 now has a handy “Shop the Outfit” feature, too, which allows you to buy the whole outfit or discover other items that go well together! Shop: Girls and Pre-Teen clothes and outfits, or Juniors and Women’s styles.
  4. BooHoo – the online retailer quickly rose to fame with it’s super cheap prices and on-trend pieces. In fact, the prices are so low, it actually gives Forever21 a run for it’s money! Today we found this cute halter top for $4 And, yes, they do have Girls thru Tween styles and sizes, as well as PROM DRESSES!


Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 3.07.30 PM.png

5. Primark -Super cheap, super cute. But you can only buy their items if you are on the east coast, Europe, Ireland or the UK.  :/

6. Target – Pretty darn cheap, a lot of cute clothes! We are loving the Girls collection this season!

7. Uniqlo? Yes, please. UNIQLO carefully designs each piece of clothing to support the fun of being a girl. Their lineup of jeans this season for juniors and moms is nothing to sneeze at, either!

8. H&M Has a wide assortment of Women’s and Girls styles. I wouldn’t say they are as cheap as they used to be, though.

9. Berksha is in the Mango vein, but a little more Euro!

10. Mango Of course Mango makes my list. The clothes are super cute, not always super cheap but if you catch them on a sale, you can grab some pretty great styles at even better prices!


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