Best Valentines Gift Guide for Tweens & Teens

Best Valentines Gift Guide for Tweens & Teens

Yes, it’s already time to start thinking about Valentines Day! The question many parents may be asking is: What Valentine Gift to get my Tween?

To be honest, I was already thinking about it the moment New Years day arrived. Well, it’s kind of hard to ignore in the stores. Christmas is barely dead and buried before they start pulling out all the Valentines Day decorations and candy. Meanwhile the Christmas decor that was hot no more than 7 days ago is now thrown into a miscellaneous pile in the dreadful clearance basket. It’s like the island of misfit toys. I’m thinking, “Poor Santa and the reindeer”.

Chocolates, teddy bears – oh, and roses. Roses that cost a lot more this time of year than they usually do. I am not a huge fan of Valentines Day because of the hype surrounding the expectations to be in a romantic relationship. But what I do love about it is that it’s only one more holiday away from Spring, and the overall mood just kind of gives me warm fuzzies for the things to come. For me, I’m kind of celebrating the end of winter.

Lucky for some of us who celebrate regardless of our relationship status (I send my mom and sister V-Day gifts almost every year) there are tons of great ideas for teens, tweens and BFFs.

For those of us celebrating the love of our friendships, Valentines Day gifts on a budget is not only acceptable but fun and thoughtful. With that in mind, I thought I’d round up my favorite gifts for the tween girl or BFF in your life. Everything is under $50, of course. 

What to Buy a Tween for Valentines Day

This past holiday, tweens went ga-ga for Shopkins. Now there are Valentine’s themed Shopkins! The LOL surprise toys are still a hit, too. I have to admit, I kind of went crazy for these things, too. :/ But my 9 year old niece was happy! If you weren’t lucky enough to grab one of the Fingerlings toys at Christmas, don’t despair! The new series of Fingerlings glitter monkeys are out and being sold by Amazon (which means: no fakes or long shipping times). 

Best Valentine Gifts for Teens

For teens, there can be nothing better than simple beauty items such as a Tony Moly face mask or a mini rollerball  of her favorite perfume. For girls who like floral scents, try Daisy by Marc Jacobs or any one of the Victorias Secret rollerball perfume sets. If you’re still not sure, there isn’t a girlie girl alive (no matter how old she is) that doesn’t love Exclamation (remember this one??) or the sweet scent of Body Fantasies Cotton Candy body spray. Amiright?? I still have this stuff on my dresser and I am..not a teen.

Top Gift Picks:

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